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Ready Fast Websites

Do you need a website ready to go...like this week? It happens. You may have a technical issue that needs a separate site to address, or you may need a micro site for a new product or some other reason. Our Ready Fast sites are based on our custom CMS and we can have the structure on our server and ready for content to be added within one business day, in most cases, when no custom programming is needed.  

We can set up your site using a development (temporary) domain name and, once you have your content in place, we can make your permanent domain name work on the site, providing you already own the domain name or can acquire it from a registrar. 

Our CMS has built in design themes so that you can have a simple, attractive look without the delays of a custom design. These sites are more about speed and function than they are about form. We also have a user registration system that can be added to provide approved users access to password protected pages. 

All pages have a content editor system in place for you to add text, links and pictures, when needed. We have pre-made addon mdoules, such as User Registration, Text List, PDF List, Staff, Photos, and more. To see examples of the available modules open the Module List.

To set up the site, we will need to know what your page needs are by having you lay out your navigation scheme. Open our Sample Navigation Structure file to see the layout of the navigation for this site. Using the sample as a guide, create an Excel file with the navigation structure that you need, making notes when needed, and specifying which, if any, module is needed on a page. 

Call us at 770-973-3683 to get started now. You need it Ready Fast!