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Content Management

When your web site needs are more complicated and you have a large amount of information to store and manage, a web site that uses a content management system, or "back end", is the solution. Content Management Systems (CMS) use a database to store and manipulate the content, rather that the static, more difficult to change, plain html sites.

Our CMS is custom coded and designed to be simpler to use than the the myriad of open source CMS products you may be familiar with through past experience. There is a learning curve, like with any new venture, but if you can keep up your social media accounts, use a smart phone, or buy something online, you probably have the skills needed to manage your site. For more skill-specific tasks we are here to assist you. 

CMS sites are useful when information needs to be added or purged on a regular basis, when the nature of the site content requires restricted access, and when you want to display data records in a structured manner. And, an advantage of a CMS site is that many of the common maintenance tasks of a site (adding pictures, documents, approving users, etc.) can be handled by in-house staff, saving time and money. Changes are also done at your convenience and are live to Internet visitors immediately.

Our core code and available modules cover many of the needs for content formatting and control and, where available assets are not suffiicient, we can custom code to nearly any requirement. 

To find out more about our websites systems, please call us at 770-973-3683.