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Video Services

Though we can produce videos for most industries, our expansion into video services came with the production of videos for the optical industry. The videos below involved writing scripts and directing voice over recording, planning and directing the video shoots on location, and editing the available components into the finished presentation.

The examples below cover a broad range of budgets varying with the particular needs of the project. We offer our clients a value alternative to agency-style production companies and the projects are streamlined by our familiarity with the optical industry. 

  • The Icicles Prescription Sunwear video was recently produced to give the company's prescription clients a look into how their lenses are made 
  • The Crizal® SBSM video includes new footage shot at a lab facility as well as footage and animations that had been previously produced
  • The Superior Optical video is all original except for the digital generator animations.

Please call us at 770.973.3683 for any questions you may have concerning a video project.

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Icicles Prescription Sunwear

Crizal SBSM

Superior Optical