Text Link Maker

Whenever you want to make a string of text a clickable link, you need to be able to add the HTML code that handles that process.

Text Link Code Generator
1. Type in the text that will be the link. Like "click here" or whatever part of your text you want to appear as a link.
Link Text:
2. Enter the link URL (web address). It is easiest to go to the page you wish to link to in your browser and copy the URL then paste in this field. If you are linking to a page that is not on your site then you must include the "http://".
Link URL :
3. If you are linking to a page on another site you would usually want to open in a new browser window. A page within your site is usually opened in the same brower window.
New Window?: Open in new browser window. Open in same browser window.
4. Click the "Make" button and the link code will display below.
Link Code :